Khetika Story

Nurturing Traditions, Cultivating Quality

We bring you the taste of authenticity and nourishment through our range of packed staple foods.

We are dedicated to providing you with the finest selection of rice, wheat, pulses, and dry fruits responsibly sourced from trusted farms of India. 

At Khetika, we understand the significance of staple foods in our lives. They are the building blocks of our meals, connecting us to our cultural heritage and providing us with sustenance and satisfaction. That's why we prioritize quality and work closely with farmers who share our passion for sustainable farming practices and preserving the integrity of our food

Pure and Wholesome - Farm-to-Snack Delights for Your Well-being

Nutritious and satisfying alternative to unhealthy snacks

Climate Change Intiatives

On the mission to reduce the GHG emissions

Reducing Food Wastage through Technology driven lean & efficient supply chain for Staples

Promoting Millets & Traditional grains in place of white rice 

Using the Electric vehicles instead of Diesel vehicles for last mile distribution